Lovely & Grey | Leyla Mustafa


Lovely & Grey was born while I was staring out of the window looking up at a lovely grey sky and admiring the dark gloom just before it rains. It was that sense of calmness and tranquillity that made me really very happy in that moment. For me, there has always been something beautiful and calming about the rain. And, don’t get me started on thunderstorms – I absolutely love those.

I work in the busy city of London and live in the historical city of Canterbury so escaping from the stresses of commuter life is important to me. Rain has that way of resetting time and creating a new perspective. I started blogging over two years ago as a creative outlet and a place for me to document, learn and grow. This blog has gradually evolved into the space it is today and I hope it continues to evolve as I continue to learn.

I enjoy the simple things in life with a touch of luxury. Walks in the woods wearing a warm fleece, the fresh scent of spring flowers and the sound of rain against the windows for that sense of cosiness. I’m often found sipping tea, reading my favourite blogs, catching up on the latest TV series and baking chocolate brownies – filling my home with their scrumptious chocolatey scent.

If like me, you take pleasure in the simple things then I hope you find something inspirational on this blog. Whether that’s just enjoying the sound of the rain or rustling up a little something special for Halloween, treating yourself to a yummy roast dinner or dreaming about holidaying in France.

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