Grilled Cheese

There is something about a grilled cheese sandwich that is just so incredibly tasty. They aren’t something I eat regularly but when the craving calls, they really are quite satisfying. I’d never order something like this in a restaurant as I always think home made is best. I don’t consider myself a fussy eater but when it comes to cheese sandwiches, I simply like mine how I like it.

Everyone has their own take on a grilled cheese sandwich. There are various ways of cooking it and various ingredients to add. My personal favourite combination uses wholemeal seeded loaf, crunchy mature cheddar, butter and one chopped shallot onion.

2 x slices of bread (my choice is always wholemeal and seeded)
Cheddar cheese (mature)
1 x shallot


Warm up your sandwich toaster (I always put the setting on high). Chop your shallot and lightly butter both sides of the bread. This is a messy but an important step. Assemble your sandwich – I like my cheddar to be a few mm thick and then I sprinkle the chopped shallot so that its roughly evenly spread. I then pop on the top slice of bread. Once my sandwich toaster has heated to the correct temperature I put a small knob of butter in each side of the bottom tray and try and spread it around so that it roughly covers all the metal. The butter will melt and brown quite quickly but this is ok. I then pop the sandwich in and close the toaster.

I set a time for 4 minutes after which time I have a perfectly gooey on the inside but crunchy on the outside sandwich. DELICIOUS!


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