LookFantastic January Beauty Box

January is a marmite month. You either love it or you hate it. It tends to be a bit of both for me. I love cold crisp mornings and the sound of frost crunching under my feet. However, I hate that the sun hasn’t even risen when I leave the house in the morning for work. See what I mean? Total marmite month.

My beauty box didn’t arrive when it should have so I contacted Lookfantastic’s customer services a couple of times and they simply said that my box had been despatched. Anyway, 20th of Jan comes by and still no box so Lookfantastic kindly agreed to send me a new one (at my request). It arrived a couple of days ago and I couldn’t wait to open it and try the products having seen what the contents were when they did an unboxing on their instagram page. I was a little disappointed that no other form of compensation had been given despite my box being over three weeks late!


What’s in the Box?

The box contains a real mix of products all under the theme of “ataraxia”. I think it’s a great theme for January. Starting the year calm and free from anxieties. I definitely need some help in that department and if a product can help me feel less anxious then I am all for it.

The box features a little bit of everything with a focus on skincare.

White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser by Korres:

My current cleanser has nearly run out and I have been meaning to purchase a new one. Its quite nice on the skin and lathers into a gentle foam. It smells quite nice too! It washed off easily with water and didn’t leave any residue. My skin felt fresh and ready.

Apparently its fantastic for removing make up so I’ll be looking forward to testing that.

Pink Hair and Scalp Mud by Espa:

I have heard of ESPA through an old school friend who works for them. She always raved about the products and the high quality ingredients in them.

The Pink Hair and Scalp Mud is the first I have tried by them. I used it on wet non-shampooed hair while I was in the shower and only left it on for 10mins as opposed to 20 but it has made my scalp feel really nice. It feels moisturised, nourished and soft to the touch. I ended up using most of the tube and only concentrated on areas where I find my scalp is greasiest. I wasn’t sure on exactly how to apply it but this seemed to work for me.

This product would be absolutely amazing for your hair after a holiday.

White Marble Essence Lotion by Erno Laszlo:

I’ve got my double cleanse routine down but I’m not so good at toning. Thats probably because I’ve not really found a toner that I’ve fallen in love with. I tried this for the first time this morning and I really like it so far. I used a teensy bit on a cotton pad which I wiped all over my freshly cleansed skin and it felt refreshing and hydrating at the same time.

Great for January when the weather can cause all kind of havoc on the skin!

Congested Skin Serum by Balance Me:

I love this stuff! I’m so glad its back in my beauty arsenal. I first tried this two years ago and I was absolutely amazed by how good it is.

This is the most effective product I have ever used to get rid of spots and blemishes. I don’t know how it works exactly but there are a whole host of amazing ingredients and it calms and heals at the same time. It dries the spot up without causing your skin to become dry and crackly. Your skin stays hydrated and is less inflamed.

In short, its absolutely amazing for calming and clearing spots!


3D Lash Primer by Model Co:

Everyone has their “ride or die” product and mine would definitely be mascara. Its one thing that instantly makes me feel more awake and look better. There isn’t anything I love more than massive, jet black lashes. I love using lash extensions on holiday to avoid the dreaded panda eyes but I’m happy with layers of mascara at all other times.

I’ve never actually used a lash primer. I don’t even curl my eyelashes. I simply use the mascara wand to push them upwards and create that lifted effect. I’m quite excited about using this and seeing what effect it has on my lashes. If they are bigger, curlier and thicker I’ll be happy!

What’s your January ride or die product? Do you have a beauty product you just cannot live without?


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