Pizza in Boulogne

Pizza in Boulogne

Pizza is one of those meals that really is just perfect. No matter how you have your pizza, generally you are always in for a tasty meal. As much as I love the take-away kind there is something special about a pizza thats freshly cooked in a pizza oven. When I saw this ham and mushroom pizza on the menu of a café in Boulogne I couldn’t not order it. I shared this with my niece Lucia and we ate every single bite. It was the perfect meal after a few hours exploring the fairly quiet streets of Boulogne.

We decided to head to Boulogne after a couple of hours exploring Le Touquet. I had been driving for about an hour or so and navigating the streets of Boulogne was starting to get a bit stressful so I was itching to get out of the car. We found a car park and just decided to park up, explore and just see what we find. The weather wasn’t particularly great for an August bank holiday weekend but I was enjoying just exploring without any aim in mind.

As much as I LOVE French cuisine I was getting hungry and in the mood for something that was going to be filling and easy to eat. It really was one of the most delicious pizzas I have ever eaten. The perfect ratio of crispy to doughy and  the perfect depth. The mozzarella cheese was crispy but gooey and stringy at the same time. The ham and mushroom really just topped it off and added a nice texture. It certainly filled the spot.

The beauty about travelling and seeing new places is as much as you take in the sights you also take in the food. I love trying new food and strongly associate tastes with places. I think its all part of the memory really.

Have you ever found an unexpected foodie gem in a urban area?

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