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For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved interiors and home decor. There is something crazily satisfying about looking through a homeware department and wondering how the furniture would fit into my home and lifestyle. When you are purchasing furniture or considering it you have to really know yourself and your style. Furniture is a very personal choice and it needs to be something you will still love in the years to come.

When we purchased the sofa for our flat (second hand on eBay!) it was just a case of finding something that was cheap and functional. Style and colour didn’t really matter so much. I knew it would not be a permanent purchase – Sam and I simply needed a sofa. We’ve had it for about five years now and it has lasted well for being second hand. Whilst I’m not thinking of buying a new sofa yet, there is no harm in looking at design options and seeing what is out there.


 Sofas, Couches and Settees:

Whatever you call it, a sofa is one of the most important aspects of any living space. Its a very personal choice as it needs to fit in with your home style as well as your lifestyle. Personally, I love anything big and comfy, simple and sleek, solid colours rather than patterns and always fabric. I don’t mind leather sofas but they aren’t for me.

It was love at first sight for me with this grey sofa in Fenwick’s Canterbury store. It just looks so inviting, I love the colour, the fabric, the style. I couldn’t resist a quick snap on the iPhone to remind me of it for when I do (eventually!) come to buy a new sofa.





Snuggle Chairs:

A new-ish style thats come around in the last couple of years (from what I have noticed anyway) that is basically larger than an armchair but smaller than a two seater. Its a great space saving solution for people who have small or narrow living rooms.

They are also great for creating a lovely space to read books. All you need is a side table and a lamp and a lovely coaster for a cup of tea.

Fabric & Colour:

Perhaps one of the biggest considerations when choosing a new sofa is the colour and the fabric. Colours can look wildly varied on different fabrics. A grey in one fabric might look amazing, however a blue in the same fabric might look awful. It really is personal preference.

Although I really love the light grey in the sofa above, I couldn’t resist a sneaky peak at what other colours they do and I really fell in love with this deep black colour.




 Wall Art & Mirrors:

I am loving the variety of mirrors that are around at the moment. Its not even just a case of simple shapes as you can have geometric and even mirrors shaped like a pair of lips. Again, it really is down to personal preference and the decor you like.

I am a fan of large round mirrors like this one that I spotted in Fenwick’s home decor department. I’ve been imagining it in my hallway with a console table beneath it and large hurricanes either side. I love the thick knot decoration on the border and the ‘rustic luxe’ theme is definitely how I would describe my personal home decor style.

I’m also searching for the perfect piece of art to hang proudly on my walls. As I love the rain so much, I’d love it to be a beautiful image of a rainstorm.



I seriously can’t wait to start pulling pieces of home decor together and designing my home interior. Rustic luxe is the theme I am aiming for. Where do you find your home decor inspiration?

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