Pork & Co

Pork & Co was on my ‘must visit’ restaurant list as soon as I found out it even existed. When I first moved to Canterbury and I was looking at what kind of restaurants were in the area, I did not expect to find a restaurant specialising in pulled pork. That’s one of the great things about Canterbury – the sheer variety of independent and established restaurants. Foodie heaven.

Pulled pork burgers are simply delicious and I was eager to try one from Pork & Co. Sam and I were running a few errands in town and it was the perfect opportunity to dine in and get a bite to eat.

The Pork & Co Philosophy:

Pork & Co pride themselves on making everything from scratch and that includes baking their own bread and smoking, curing and slow cooking all their free range Kentish pork.┬áThe menu is fairly simple and is based heavily around pulled pork. They do have other bits on the menu such as fried chicken and beef burgers, mac’n’cheese and scotch eggs. The dishes are customisable to your tastes and where they simply say ‘sauce’ and ‘slaw’ you can choose between garlic-mayo, chilli, apple sauce, apple butter, BBQ and blue cheese sauces. The ‘slaw’ choices are traditional, chilli, beetroot and lemon and herb. My personal choice was apple butter (I was in an indulgent mood!) and beetroot slaw cause I love beetroot!



The Food:

Sam chose meaty chips with BBQ sauce and beetroot slaw. It came piled high, with all that meaty, succulent, pulled pork yumminess atop a bed of freshly fried chips and a generous topping of beetroot slaw finished off with a strip of crackling.

I chose to go for a more traditional route – pulled pork with apple butter and beetroot slaw sandwiched in a brioche bun topped with poppy and sesame seeds. YUM!!









My burger tasted incredible. I didn’t utter one word to Sam while I was eating this. I was so hungry and it was just so damn tasty. The pulled pork is succulent with different sized chunks so you get a decent amount of meat. The apple butter is sweet and just makes the smaller bits of meat melt in your mouth. The beetroot slaw just adds a nice crunch to contrast the meaty softness.. I don’t even know what else to say. All of that yumminess is sandwiched between a seed topped brioche bun.

Its simply delicious.






I love that I can get a decent pulled pork burger in Canterbury! The restaurant┬áhas a lovely casual and relaxed vibe and a simple rustic theme throughout. The dinner ware is white enamel with that traditional blue rim, simple wooden cafe style tables with condiments readily available. My burger came with a side of chips which I wasn’t expecting as I don’t think it was even written on the menu. But, they were a welcome surprise and were a nice addition to the burger.

I’m already craving another one looking at these pictures! But that could just be because I’m hungry and I can smell my dinner cooking!

Do you like pulled pork? Whats your favourite combination?

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