The Audi Q3

I had the pleasure of driving the Audi Q3 this weekend and I have fallen head over heels in love with it. Everything about this car is designed to make your driving experience easier in terms of both design and technology. The boot opens and closes at the touch of a button, the front seats are heated and even the wing mirrors fold in themselves. Then theres the super model looks – glacier white paint, 17inch alloys and sleek LED lights that give it that racy Audi look that I know and love. The interior is well designed and incredibly comfortable – black alcantara trim with leather details. I can’t imagine a journey in this car ever being stressful even if you are sat in traffic! It is truly a wonderful car.

Glacier White Audi Q3 front side on view on a driveway.

First Thoughts on the Audi Q3:

My first thought was oh my god, this car is massive compared to my A3! The second was feeling slightly anxious at the automatic transmission as I’m so used to driving manual cars. I sat in the drivers seat and got a feel for the car. Liam, my service advisor gave me a quick ‘how to’ regarding the automatic transmission and then I drove it once around the car park to get a feel for the handling. I was surprised by how smooth and responsive the engine was. It is such an easy, relaxing car to drive.

Glacier white Audi Q3 front side on view on driveway.

Interior Design:

It was incredibly comfortable inside. Everything about this car just felt like it fit my body perfectly. The front seats are comfortable, heated, slightly racer style and hugged the sides of my body. They are nicely cushioned but firm enough to feel supportive. I barely needed to adjust the mirrors or the seat, it really seemed like the car was made for me.

My service advisor said to treat the car like my own, so I did. Sam and I took a trip to Aldi in Whitstable, I nipped to Canterbury town centre and parked in the multi-storey, then on Sunday I took it on the motorway and went out for a Sunday lunch at the Tudor Rose in Borden. I feel like I got a really good, well rounded idea for how a car like this would fit into my life. I loved being higher up and having a better view of the road and my surroundings. The car handles fantastically – its an incredibly smooth and comfortable drive! Everything about this car is perfect.


I didn’t get a chance to use all of the technology in the car. Sam had a little play with the Sat Nav, which is really good! I concentrated more on the driving experience but the car pretty much has every bit of technology you could want. When you unlock it, only the driver’s door unlocks (perfect for ladies!), the boot opens and closes automatically at the touch of a button, there are child locks for the back windows, cruise control for long journeys, bluetooth for your phone, buttons on the steering wheel to control music volume, change the radio etc, everything is just the touch of a button. Did I mention the wing mirrors fold in by themselves?

Young woman in driver's seat.

I think my next car is going to be an Audi Q3. It was a bitter sweet moment when I handed it back in and picked my A3 up. I LOVE my A3, its my baby but she’s an old lady now and she doesn’t have half of the technology that the Audi Q3 does. Lets see what next year brings hey, maybe a new car for me.

It will definitely be a Q3!

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