Le Touquet

France is such a beautiful country and my holiday there last year was one of my favourites. I’d absolutely go back in a heartbeat! Reminiscing those beautiful French evenings as the sun sets, warm and lavender scented, with only the sounds of nature. Honestly, since visiting France all I can think about is going back and exploring more.¬†So, when Sam’s family suggested a day trip; Sam and I instantly jumped at the chance! French food and wine? Yes please! Our destination was Le Touquet.

Le Touquet Paris Plage as its known by the French, is a gorgeous seaside resort in Northern France. Its easy to get to from Calais, the drive was scenic with plenty of architecture and landscape to admire along the route. The first thing I noticed (but didn’t have a chance to photograph) were the beautiful villas surrounding the town. It reminded me of American suburb towns – the houses are huge, with their own plots of land and surrounded by trees to create privacy. Each house is different and some of them were cottage style with thatched roofs. Absolutely gorgeous!

Beach scene with a sunny but cloudy blue sky

Eiffel tower sand sculpture at Le Touquet, France.

The Beach of Le Touquet

The beach at Le Touquet is expansive with soft golden sand (or so I am told!) I didn’t actually get a chance to sit on the beach or dip my toes in the sea as it was cold and cloudy for most of the day and I was not going to be separated from my cardigan. We had lunch on a grassy bank; we’d picked up some fresh baguettes, ham and cheese along the way. There is nothing like a freshly baked baguette stuffed full of deliciously oozy French brie. MMM!

The Town of Le Touquet

After lunch we went for a walk and explored the town centre. The seafront of Le Touquet is similar to most seaside towns Рfairly residential with balconies so the occupants can admire the stunning views. The back streets feel like you have been transported to a different place. Each street tells its own story and has its own unique look. Each building was different to the ones either side, whether thats simply a different balcony, colour or style of architecture. Le Touquet has an eclectic vibe and a relaxed atmosphere.

Shops, cafes and restaurants lined the streets and people were bustling in all directions, although some of the side streets were much quieter. Shops sold anything from designer handbags, jewellery and cashmere to books, furniture, buckets and spades. There were a couple of estate agents too which shows how popular the area is with people looking to live there or invest in a holiday home. Its not called ‘Paris Plage’ for just any reason, it is the seaside destination for many Parisians.

Angled view of a street in Le Touquet, France.

Looking down a street in Le Touquet, France

Street view with parked cars on the left side, Le Touquet, France.

Small castle shop on corner of street in Le Touquet, France.

Patterned art sculpture of footballer in Le Touquet, France.

Have you been to Le Touquet? What was your favourite part?

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