Starting My Journey with BBG

I’ve wanted to get fit, feel healthy and lose some weight for years. Working in central London and commuting means I am frequently tired and time poor . No matter what exercise or diet plans I have tried in the past, nothing stuck or worked for me. I’d slip back into old habits and make excuses without even thinking and I just couldn’t muster up a real love for exercise. I was jealous of people that fitness came easily to – I wanted to be like them. I want to really love fitness and exercise. My end goal was to be fit, healthy and feel good in my own skin.

Everyone starts their journeys for different reasons. For some, its simply the desire to lose weight in a physical sense. For others its more about how they feel on the inside. Me? It was 100% about how I feel on the inside. It started off with realising that although I knew I wasn’t happy in my skin I had to figure out exactly why. For me, it wasn’t as simple as just making a decision to make a change. I needed to evolve.

Kayla Itsines, a fitness trainer pulling herself up and showing her shoulder muscles

What is BBG?

BBG stands for Bikini Body Guide and it was created by personal trainer Kayla Itsines and her partner Tobi Pearce. It started off with a e-book and then progressed to an app called SWEAT. Kayla’s ethos is about increasing your confidence and feeling better on the inside using fitness. I love this about her and its what drew me back time and time again. I didn’t just want to be fit I wanted to feel better.

The app costs £14.99 per month which is far less than a gym membership. Whats great about it is that you can do it anywhere at anytime. Its all on your phone its so easy to track progress. You don’t need expensive equipment either. I just use the side of my bed or the coffee table when I am doing tricep dips! There is also BBG 2.0 and BBG Stronger for those who are more advanced on their fitness journey. You get a LOT in this app for the subscription cost.

Starting my Fitness journey with SWEAT

I downloaded the Sweat with Kayla app in November 2015 and I lasted a week. I tried several times since then to get into the program but it just didn’t gel with me. It wasn’t the apps fault – it was mine. I’d work late on a Monday and then my entire fitness plans would be screwed for the rest of the week, whilst I caught up on sleep and ate badly to compensate for being tired. I simply did not priortise exercise. It just felt like another chore I had to do.

I’d make excuses and put off workouts till the day after, repeatedly. Quite simply, it was easy to find an excuse. I lived in a flat and constantly worried about making too much noise whilst doing burpees. I wanted instant results and would check my weight every few days and when I didn’t see any significant decreases I’d feel lost all again. It was a vicious circle and one that I was desperate to break.

Even though I deleted and reinstalled the app several times over the next two years I still followed Kayla on instagram. She was always so inspiring and I loved seeing snippets into her life. I’d admire the client transformations she posted and would wish that I had what it took to complete her guide. I wanted to be part of the community she had created and I wanted to say with confidence that I’d completed her guide.

What changed?

It was a new years intention this year to start and stick to a fitness regime. It was August 2017 when I finally knew something had to give because I hadn’t done anything about it. Feeling more and more uncomfortable every day and desperately wanting change as I was fed up of not really feeling like myself anymore. My posture was terrible – I think someone even mentioned “banana shapes” to me once! I knew something had to change but I had to find that ‘thing’ that would drive me to do it. It wasn’t as simple for me as just starting an exercise program. I had to give or find that thing that would fuel my motivation and that I knew would stick and push me forward one day at a time.

A few months ago I started analysing how I was feeling and exactly why I was feeling those emotions. Thinking about times when I did feel confident and comfortable; I pictured an younger version of myself and focused on who I wanted to be in the future. Imagining what I’d be like if I did lose the weight I wanted to lose and gained the muscle definition I wanted. Clinging onto that image, I solidified it within my mind and before I knew it I was thinking right, LETS DO THIS. Moments later whilst I was on my commute into work I’d re-subscribed to SWEAT and aimed to have my first workout the following day.

All it takes is a little push in the right direction with the right reasons.

Going Forward

Im about to start week 4 of the BBG beginners training and after that I start week 1 of BBG. Even after 4 weeks of training (I did week 2 twice) I can see minor improvements in my fitness levels. When I started I could only do three push ups in a row, now I am on 5, I could only do 25 mountain climbers in a row, now I can do 50. On my first week I completed each circuit with about 30seconds to spare, now I am completing them with about a minute to spare – I’m getting stronger, faster and slowly being able to repeat the first exercise of each circuit (depending on how my muscles are feeling!) Any improvement, even small ones is something for me to feel proud of.

As Kayla would say – LETS DO THIS!

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