Hair Repair with Olaplex

Hair Repair with Olaplex

There are people in this world that love getting their hair done. I unfortunately am not one of those people. I’ve got countless horror stories from those blonde and red streaks aka ‘highlights’ that I had when I was 15, to deciding I wanted it cut short and choppy a la Lacey Chabert when I was 18. Both of those decisions I immediately regretted. In fact, most of my hair style decisions I have ended up regretting further down the line. But I guess we have all been there!

In recent years I’ve not done much with it apart from the occasional trim, a dark brown colour and thats been that. Taking care of my hair hasn’t really a priority and buying a house meant I was scrimping on absolutely everything. So naturally I went cheaper and cheaper with shampoo and conditioner. The ends of my hair were so damaged from years of heat styling that even my tried, tested and reliable moroccan oil was not really having any long term effect at repairing my split ends.

I was at a bit of a loss to be honest. I kind of just thought I had to wait till it all grew out over the next however-many years. Then my friend Jas told me about a treatment called Olaplex. The results of it on her hair were phenomenal. Her hair looked silky, smooth, shiny and incredibly healthy. I started researching Olaplex over the next few days to find out as much as I could. I looked for a salon near me that could do the treatment – the nearest was Lounge Salon in Ashford; about a 40minute drive away. I called up and booked in a few days later.

So what is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a professional salon treatment done in two or three stages. The first two stages are done in the salon and the third stage is an optional at home treatment. Olaplex contains an ‘patented active ingredient’ and is designed to repair the hairs molecular structure. Olaplex works by rebuilding the disulfide bonds in the keratin protein that hair is made from. The first stage of the Olaplex treatment called ‘No1 Bond Multiplier’ and can be applied on its own or mixed in with hair dye. The second stage called ‘No2 Bond Perfector’ is applied like a conditioner after rinsing out hair dye and shampoo.

before and after hair with olaplex treatment

before and after hair comparison using olaplex

Before                                                                                                                                       After

before and after hair comparison using olaplex

My Hair Before Olaplex:

My hair was colour treated but I hadn’t dyed it or had it cut for well over a year. The colour was strange – it had kind of gone a weird orangey brown and I also had a ‘line’ where my roots had grown out. The texture felt rough, it never looked shiny – just thin and lank. It was usually ok when freshly washed but a day later it would feel dry and straggly at the ends. I struggled to do anything other than wear it straight. Even when straightening with my trusty GHDs I could feel snagging and pulling between the plates. It was also incredibly porous towards the ends – I’d often end up with soaking wet roots and bone dry ends after washing. Hair masks, lashings of conditioner and oil were not having any long term effect. I coveted strong, luscious locks. In short, I needed a miracle.

My Hair After Olaplex:

Silky, smooth and healthy looking. Its gone from looking thin and straggly to thick, luscious and oh so smooth and shiny! Olaplex is exactly the miracle treatment I was hoping it would be. My hair feels absolutely amazing! My split ends are mostly gone except for a few – but I did have 2-3inches cut off the length too. I had the treatment done nearly a fortnight and so far its holding up really well! I’ll be keeping a close eye to see how long it lasts.

I’m enjoying how easy my hair is to style again! My GHDs just glide through with no snagging or pulling.

Would I have Olaplex again?

Although the treatment isn’t expensive its not available at every salon so like me, you may have to travel a little further to find it. But, its absolutely worth it! I would definitely have it done again if I felt like I needed a boost.

Although the colour is nothing to do with the treatment itself (Olaplex No1 was added into the dye), my colour is so much nicer and more natural looking – I went for a dark balayage! It did go a little wrong as my colour treated hair lifted too much but the stylist (the lovely Cheslie at Lounge) colour corrected it easily with some toner (phew!). So although I had a bit of a bad experience there I did leave the salon with exactly what I wanted – shiny, thick healthy looking hair. A hair treatment miracle.

Have you ever tried Olaplex? What were your results like?

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