A Magical Evening with a Cat we named Blue

This cute little cat turned up at my house on Saturday night. Sam and I were completely under her spell the moment she looked at us and bumped her little head up against ours. She ended up spending the evening with us and didn’t leave till around 3am. I think animals are much more intuitive than we think they are. As beings who don’t speak our language they have little mannerisms, which they use to let us know what they want or what they are feeling. Sometimes I swear they can tell exactly how we are feeling and try and comfort us in their own little way. This cat turned up at a time where Sam and I were at loggerheads. She just made everything instantly better. We had a wonderful evening with her – playing and snuggling up under the stars with a blanket. Absolutely magical.

overhead view of a cat lying down on its front with paws together

A Cat turns up out of the blue:

Sam and I were out for a family birthday party and we had a lovely evening but we ended up bickering on the train home. Everything we were saying or doing was turning into a minor disagreement. We weren’t edging towards a full blown argument but things were definitely feeling a bit tense.

At around 12:30am I was upstairs opening a window in the bedroom. I was in the middle of covering them with cushions (yup… we still don’t have curtains upstairs!) and suddenly, I heard this incessant meowing. My first thought was that there must be a cat or kitten loose in the house some how (it was that LOUD). I looked outside and saw this fluffy little cat standing at our gate staring up at me and meowing to get my attention. Instantly excited, I shouted “Sam, there’s a cat!”.

overhead view of a cat eating from a white bowl

Being cat people, we opened the front door desperate to meet this creature who had wanted our attention. She jumped up on the wall, we stroked her and purring like crazy she head bumped us both. That was it, we were smitten. We both instantly fell in love with her. With no prompting, she jumped off the wall and sauntered into our house like she knew it and us already.

A Stray or a Pet:

She was meowing like mad in the kitchen wandering around our legs and we thought she must be a stray as she seemed incredibly hungry. We gave her three slices of ham, some chicken and a bowl of fresh water. She ate it all with gusto, purring loudly the entire time. I know that you shouldn’t feed cats incase they are someones pet and they could have food allergies but we simply couldn’t resist.

We couldn’t decide whether she was a stray or a pet. We couldn’t say for sure whether she was indeed even female. She was so friendly and loved all the attention we were giving her but at the same time when we stroked her she felt quite skinny – I could feel her bones easily. She felt really quite small under all that fluff.

It was around 1am by this point and Sam and I were settling down to watch some TV. She seemed quite content to lay down on the carpet and chill out with us. We were both so happy just listening to her purring. Sam and I chatted about where she came from, what her story could be, what breed might be. We thought she must be part maine coon because her tail was huge and so fluffy. She also had huge paws and we kept thinking she must still be young with some growing to do. Which would make sense if she was part maine coon as they tend to be quite large.

A Magical Night:

It was a warm night so we decided to do some star gazing whilst the sky was clear. Sam and I cuddled up with a blanket and Blue the cat jumped eagerly up onto Sam’s lap. We decided to name her ‘Blue’ as she turned up ‘out of the blue’. She was wrapped up in the blanket with us and I was gently stroking her head. The night air was cool and the sound of her purring was just the most perfect sound to accompany the twinkling stars. We were both incredibly happy in that moment.

I even saw a shooting star which just made it all that more magical. I was stroking her head and Sam put out his hand and she gently grabbed it with her paw as if to say she was happy too. It started raining so we decided to head in and settle down for the night as it really was quite late. She followed us in and plonked herself down on the carpet. We had the back door open the entire time so she could have left whenever she wanted.

I was a little sleepy on the sofa and Sam had nipped upstairs and suddenly I heard this howling sound. At first I thought another animal had ran into the house but then I realised it was her waiting for him by the door! She meowed like she really missed him. Sam ran downstairs, picked her up and they had this magical embrace. She was really hugging him back and rubbing her head into his neck, purring away. It was the sweetest thing!

cat with a huge fluffy tail lying down on its side in a living room

A Purrfect Ending:

I fell asleep on the sofa to the deep rumbling sound of her purrs and Sam watched TV. She eventually got up and left of her own accord, jumping over the fence at the back. Sam and I then headed up to bed as it was 3:30am by this time of the night. It felt like a stroke of fate that this little cat turned up at our house to spend an evening with us. She brought us back together and showed us that we were both actually on the same page. Animals really are magical in their ways.

Its crazy things like this in life that help make you see that its the little things that truly matter. Sam and I made a pact that night that one night a week (weather pending) we would shut out all technology – phones, ipads and the TV. We will sit outside, breathe the night air and watch the stars. I can’t tell you the love and the connection I felt with that cat. She made me feel really very happy and loved.

I really hope I get to meet her again.


Edit: Since writing this post I have found out the fluffy little cat is actually a he and lives 3 streets away from us. I’m glad the owner has been reunited with his lost kitty! I have always loved a happy ending. 


  1. Eddie
    27th July 2017 / 8:12 pm

    So that’s where the silly sod went. He’s the worlds friendliest cat and will follow anyone for some attention, not sure how he managed to get lost just 3 streets down. probably caught the bus (again)

    • 27th July 2017 / 9:07 pm

      So she is a he! He was lovely! and he’s welcome anytime 😉 glad you have found your missing cat.

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