Canterbury Pottery

Having lived in Canterbury for three months now I can say that it has a fantastic shopping centre. It has all the normal high street shops as well as department stores for any house bits you might need. You can usually find whatever it is you are looking for. I was pleasantly surprised to find out there was a pottery there as its generally not something you really come across. The only pottery I knew of previously was located in Greyshott. After seeing my sister in law’s pieces (she has a gorgeous set!) I was keen to explore it and see what rustic delights they had to offer.

I was quite excited when I got some vouchers for my birthday. At first I thought they were coasters till I saw that they were actually gift vouchers! How cool are these and what an amazing idea! They are quite heavy so probably not a good idea to carry around in your handbag like other vouchers. I simply took mine with me when I knew I was out and about shopping in Canterbury – was kind of nice to know I’d end up buying something too.

Photograph showing two handmade circular gift vouchers for Canterbury Pottery

First floor of the Canterbury Pottery store showing lots of mugs and pots on shelves.

The shop has two floors to explore with a variety of of pots, jars, cups and dishes. There were lovely tea, coffee and sugar containers in all kinds of colours and patterns, mugs, plates and whole dinner service sets. They even have old style candle holders, vases and flower pots. There really was so much to choose from and look at. I had difficulty deciding but I was leaning towards some kind of dish or bowl to add to my collection.

tea, coffee and sugar pots on shelves

Close up of hand made mugs at Canterbury Pottery.

Handmade bowls of different sizes on a shelf.

Close up of swirly purple and blue pattern on a quiche dish.

I eventually (after much uhmming and aahhing) chose this dish pictured above! It was £32.50 and my vouchers were for £30 so I only had a little extra to pay. Its a quiche dish but so far I’ve used it for delicious summer salads and sharing plates. Its a great size and depth for a sharing platter and its also dishwasher, microwave and oven proof. The only thing the lady at the store told me to be cautious about was to avoid extreme changes in temperature – but this is the case with a lot of kitchen items. Basically, don’t put it straight into a hot oven if you have taken it out of the fridge. If you are warming up leftovers put it in a cold oven and let it heat up as the oven heats up. Simple 🙂

I absolutely love my quiche dish! The size and colour are perfect and it is super easy to look after. The surface is really smooth so cleaning it is an absolute breeze. I haven’t tried putting it in the dishwasher – I’m not sure that I will especially as its so easy to clean by hand. But we’ll see on that one 😉 I have my eye on some of the fluted bowls and I would like to add some cool pasta bowls to my dining collection.

Large shallow bowl with a summer salad.

Canterbury Pottery is a great place to purchase a gift as there is so much to choose from in a variety of styles and colours. The prices prices are also fantastic – you can find something within your budget. There really is something to suit everyone’s taste. Or you could do what my brother and sister in law did for me and purchase gift vouchers. I really do think they are so cool!

The lady at the store told me that they are working on a pure white range too. I can imagine it will look lovely as a dining set! A rustic, handmade vibe in contrast with the modern coolness of pure white. Personally, its that lovely rustic vibe that draws me in. I imagine it would look stunning with a few of the coloured pieces as a contrast. I will definitely be back for a look 😉

Have you brought any hand made pieces as a gift or for yourself? Let me know 🙂

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