Film Premiere | Baby Driver

Film Premiere | Baby Driver

Wednesday evening was a bit of a lovely surprise! Sam managed to get tickets to the European film premiere of Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver’. We headed straight to Leicester Square after work. The queue was quite long so we figured we had a bit of spare time for a quick dinner; I was definitely feeling peckish! Luckily there are lots of food places around Leicester Square. I picked a little Chinese restaurant we found off one of the main roads. I chose a chicken pad thai and Sam had chicken chow mein. My pad thai was delicious – although I couldn’t finish it but the restaurant boxed it up for me and it made a great lunch the next day!

Please note: I won’t give ANY spoilers in this post. 

Birds eye view of a pad thai noodle dish with a half pint of king fisher beer.

film stars lined up for the european premire of baby driver. L-R Eric Feller, Nira Park, Edgar Wright, CJ Jones, Eiza Gonzales, John Hamm, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Ansel Elgort and Jamie Foxx.

Baby Driver 2017 – L-R: Production Team: Producers Eric Fellner and Nira Park, Director Edgar Wright.
Actors L-R: CJ Jones, Eiza Gonzalez, John Hamm, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Ansel Elgort and Jamie Foxx.

People Watching:

Sam and I always like to find our seats fairly early. It makes great people watching and you can soak up the electric atmosphere in the cinema. I also secretly like to see what the film stars are wearing. I fell in love with Eiza Gonzalez’ dress! Lily James was also dressed beautifully – she’s come a long way since her Downton Abbey days. The actors all looked fantastic in their suits. Although I did think it was a shame that Kevin Spacey turned up looking a bit casual. He could have put a suit on haha, but I guess dressing like that is part of his personality and it makes him stand out from the crowd.

I hadn’t really noticed any famous people there yet (apart from the film stars themselves). Then I casually looked towards the stairs and there was Danny DeVito standing less than 2 metres away from me. I don’t normally get star struck but it struck me then! I was amazed by how tiny he is in real life! Thats always a thing for me, its like watching an actor on screen and then seeing how they look in real life is always completely different.

Introducing ‘Baby Driver’:

Director Edgar Wright introduced all the film stars as they walked on to open the screening . I love this part of film premiers as you get to find out lots of little facts about the production that would otherwise not really be public knowledge. Edgar thanked everyone who worked on the film and helped him bring his vision to life. As he thanked the music producer he mentioned that it took 2 years just to clear all the music for the film. The soundtrack is incredible. It would simply not be the same if those famous music tracks had not been included!

As I work in the industry I have complete respect for all parts of the production process. The crazy amount of effort, negotiation and sleepless nights that it takes to get something completed. Sometimes you just have to do it for the love. I can only imagine what this music producer went through trying to get clearance.

Edgar also mentioned that he first came up with the idea for this film over twenty years ago. He filmed and edited a little sequence with a friend that later became the ‘idea’ behind Baby Driver’s opening credits. He also mentioned there being 24 takes of the opening credits as it was all done in one shot. Trying to do a sequence in one take is phenomenal – it takes so much choreography on everyone’s part. The camera man, actors, the director – everyone needs to be in complete sync. I have to say, the opening sequence is incredible.


My thoughts on the film:

The film was fantastic – the actors worked so well together. Everything about it was brilliant. Honestly, I enjoyed every single second and I’d watch this again in a heart beat. I might even go as far as saying this is one of the best films I have seen this year! It has everything – fast cars, action sequences, guns, shoot outs and a little bit of romance! It really is a great film. Not to mention a banging soundtrack! The pace of the film is excellent and I never felt like it was dragging or spending too much time on one section or one character. I’ve not really seen anything that Ansel Elgort has been in before (Sorry not really a fan of the Divergent series!) but I will watch out for him in the future. He’s definitely one to keep an eye on. 😉

The film is out in cinemas now, if you watch it let me know what you think!

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