Moving In Moving Out

Moving In Moving Out

So the last week of my life has been spent either packing boxes, cleaning intensively or unpacking boxes. I didn’t think moving from Brentwood to Canterbury would be easy by any stretch but its been one crazy long week. We officially started moving out of our flat on Saturday 11th March and completed moving all of our stuff the following Friday. It was only on the 19th that I actually started to feel like life was a bit more settled. I honestly don’t know how people do this stuff in one day. It just seems like an impossible task.

We still have boxes in the spare room and there is a box of baking trays and kitchen bits that haven’t found a home yet but I’m in no rush to sort those things out. We’ve pretty much done all of the major unpacking bits and I’m slowly getting used to where things are kept in the kitchen. Although I have to say… I am missing not having a dishwasher like crazy. Need to sort that out asap. How people can live without dishwashers I do not know. I hate washing up!

We are getting sky tv this weekend and the internet will follow in early April. I have so much to catch up on Netflix, YouTube and my favourite blogs. After thats sorted I think life will start feeling like normal again. The house feels really comfortable and its starting to come together. We were quite lucky that we already have most of our own furniture so there was no need to buy anything major. We have a few hanging rails for our clothes at the moment so thats saved us needing to buy wardrobes. I have a designer coming to look at our space and create a design with us so at least I know how much fitted wardrobes would cost if we wanted to go down that route. I am loving all the possibilities that owning my own place brings.

This is our living room at the moment with our makeshift blanket curtains covering the french doors. Another thing to add to the list of bits that need sorting out soon – curtains and curtain poles. Slowly slowly we will get there. Its actually quite exciting and comforting to know that whatever I don’t like about the house at the moment can be changed and I can really make it mine.

I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to all our family that helped with the move. You have been a great support to Sam and I, we absolutely could not have accomplished this task without you! 🙂


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