H+H Sri Lankan Lamb Curry

H+H Sri Lankan Lamb Curry

OMG. Is what I first thought when I tasted this curry for the first time yesterday. It was silky, aromatic, sweet and spicy all at the same time. The lamb shoulder practically melted in my mouth as it was so tender. The sauce was just perfection; perfect consistency, moisture and texture. It really was comforting tucking into this after spending most of the day packing up the flat. Ultimate Saturday night.

I have had the Hemsley+Hemsley The Art of Eating Well book for a fair few years now and nearly everything I have cooked in this book has come out tasting incredible and I have made each recipe a fair few times. My favourites being Moroccan Chicken, Sausage and Cider Stew and the Papaya, Halloumi and Watercress Salad. The more I turn the pages the more recipes I find that I have made before – Smoky Baked Beans – sooo yummy and satisfying! Chocolate Molten Pots – chocolately dessert heaven! I don’t think I’ve ever really made more than one or two recipes out of all of my other cook books but I seem to love coming back to this one again and again.

toasted cardamom, cumin and coriander seeds

Have you ever toasted spices in a dry pan? The aromas are amazing!

Food has been a little repetitive lately. Kind of like, same type of things and same circle of recipes. Sam and I both love Bolognese, chilli con carne and fajitas but when you start having these things once a week it starts to get a bit boring. We were both yearning for a different flavour, texture and a chance to try something new together. I picked up my H+H book off the shelf and had a little flick through and came across Sri Lankan Lamb Curry. I read the list of ingredients and my first thought was great, I already pretty much had everything and all I needed was a red pepper and some lamb. Easy bits to pick up during the food shop.

Saturday afternoon was the perfect time to cook this recipe. There was no time constraint, no where to be and we were both feeling drained of energy after packing for most of the day so something yummy, nutritious and filling was much needed. We did a couple of things differently to the recipe book – we toasted some of our spices whole first as it brings out the flavour and then put them in the nutri-bullet with ground cinnamon, ground turmeric and ground cloves. We decided to sear the lamb with about a quarter of the spice mix to lock in the flavours before putting it in with the onions and rest of the ingredients. We also decided to omit the courgette because Sam isn’t very keen on them and we didn’t have any in the fridge either.

All I can say is this recipe was one of the tastiest currys I have ever eaten. I’d even go as far as saying its my new favourite. There is nothing I would change or do differently if I made it again. It was so comforting and tasty and every mouthful was just so satisfying! It was just. so. good.

Tips: don’t worry about the colour of the sauce when you pour the coconut milk in, the curry darkens after about 2 hours. Also, a garnish of toasted flaked almonds and pistachios adds a nice crunch.

I’m already thinking about when I can make this again. 100% recommend.



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  1. Jaspreet Gahir
    8th June 2017 / 6:52 am

    This looks so tasty…I am getting hungry 🙂 !! xx

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