The Estée Edit

The Estée Edit

Last week I popped into The Estée Edit store on London’s famous Carnaby Street. It stands out from the crowd with its gorgeous cobalt blue colouring and as I walked in I was greeted with smiles and a friendly, easy-going atmosphere. I had a quick look around before an attendant came over and introduced herself and asked if there was anything I wanted.

To be honest, I was just browsing and having a little explore whilst on my lunch break but I did need a new setting powder as my one had run out. I haven’t really tried Estée Lauder’s make up before but I was intrigued and I’m always up for discovering a new favourite. I feel like I’ve crashed into beauty in a big way the last few months – in an effort to come out of my comfort zone a little and try out some new products. Also, my skin has changed and a lot of my tried, tested products I had relied on for years just weren’t performing for me anymore. So I’ve been researching and testing out new foundations, eyeshadows, primers, bronzers, blushers and skincare in order to find my next holy grail products.


I explained to the lady that midday shine is my biggest problem when wearing make up and that I was looking for a new setting powder. She showed me the flash photo powder and instantly saw the sceptical look on my face that was saying “but its blue?” She explained that it was a translucent, sheer powder and the blue tone instantly brightens the skin. I was intrigued by the concept, so I was happy to let her try some on me and then I could judge for myself. The powder slipped on like a dream with a big fluffy brush and as soon as I glanced in the mirror I was surprised. Firstly that my shiny t-zone was matte without that thick, powdery, cakey look or feeling. The second thing that I noticed was the finish and how much more radiant my skin looked. I definitely looked brighter.

She also showed me the pore vanishing stick and explained that as well as blurring pores in a single swipe, it also evens skin tone, reduces shine and primes the skin for make up. I swiped it on the back of my hand and took a close look at the texture. I noticed that it felt weightless and had a matte soft focus finish. The pigment at the centre was unnoticeable and it had completely blurred into the outer core so much so it just looked like perfect skin.

I really didn’t need much more persuading, I was impressed with both products already. The flash photo powder is finely milled and applies easily. What I also love about this is the finish – its not like a heavy powder and doesn’t create that thick mask feeling like some powders do. My skin still looked like my skin just matte, healthy looking and brighter. After trying the powder for a couple of days I’ve noticed my skin is less shiny around midday than if I don’t use any powder. Its great to use for a few touch ups throughout the day – those oil absorbing properties coming in very handy. It also fits nicely into my make up bag and its small size means you can even carry it in your evening bag. The only downside is that you do need to carry a brush with you – I’ve got a small kabuki brush that just does the trick.

The pore vanishing stick is so easy to apply in the morning over clean skin, moisturised skin. A little goes a long way and its very easy to over apply if you are just happily swiping it all over your face. I’ve found that using a single, short, quick swipe in each of the key areas of the face (forehead, cheeks and chin) and then using your fingers to blend it into the skin is the best method of application. It blends so easily that you really don’t need that much at all. I did apply this too heavily a few days ago and it made my skin shiny rather than matte so a little really is best.

I got a few samples too (I love love love receiving a few samples whenever I visit a make up or skincare store). The lady gave me a sample of Skin Glowing Balm, Beam Team and an Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Mask. I haven’t tried the Skin Flowing balm or Beam Team yet but I was thinking about trying the Advanced Night Repair Mask tonight. I really love setting aside time on a Sunday evening to have a little pamper time or treat and thats what I’m off to do right now.

Have you tried any Estée Edit products? Which one was your favourite?


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