Chateau Castelnaud

Chateau Castelnaud

The French town of Chateâu Castelnaud La Chapelle is like something out of a disney film. Its a medieval castle with a fortress on the edge of a river surrounded by rolling hills. See what I mean? Real life Disney. Sam and I love visiting a castle so naturally, we couldn’t resist a trip here, especially when it was so close by to where we were staying. And if I’m going to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t resist a chance to be outside in the sunshine soaking in all the vitamin D I can take.

The journey through the town and up towards the castle is full of twists and turns. Every path revealed something new – a gorgeous house, a village cafe, an arch way to walk through, a little pond, a small church yard and rows of pretty little stone houses all made with that same yellow Perigord stone. It seems we had the perfect day to be walking outside as it was a clear blue sky filled with beautiful sunshine.




Perhaps my favourite discoveries were these two carvings. I don’t know much about them but they did look pretty cool.










I imagine this is what medieval graffiti looked like!





The view from the top of the castle was just phenomenal. There was a view to be had in every single direction. One side the river, another side a neighbouring town. It really was just amazing. I think it was at least twenty minutes or so before I wandered back into the castle to make my way down to the base again. The castle itself isn’t massive, its more like a huge medieval house that was fortified over many years. Its a museum now so there is a lot to look at inside too.


I was also vlogging a little that day, so the results of that are below if you want to have a look 🙂

Have you been to Chateâu Castelnaud?


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