Hello 2017

Hello 2017

Happy New Year!

Its raining and dark in Brentwood today. It’s also a little chilly so I’ve lit candles in an attempt to create a nice cosy atmosphere in the flat whilst snuggled up under a blanket. One of the great things about having a blog is being able to look back and review what you’ve accomplished over the last few months or years. I re-read my Hello 2016 post and it made me smile and laugh a little as it was the exact same weather as this time last year. Not much has changed in that respect.

What I can say is that I have continued to read books this year although I’ve fallen off the band wagon a little so I need to get back onto it. I have already brought some new books on my iPad so I just need to make time and read. My beauty routine is a lot better than it was. I’m now wearing moisturiser every single day rather than just when I think my skin needs it. So improvements have been made and I guess I can say I have stuck to my resolutions for last year even if just loosely.

“Intentions not resolutions”

I was browsing through my instagram feed when I came across this saying from a blogger called Mamalina – intentions instead of resolutions. There are a lot of things I intend to accomplish in 2017 and I’m going to start making myself accountable by writing them down in my blog. If I don’t complete them I’ll only have myself to blame. I think thats the first start to any life style change – making yourself accountable. Sure we all say we want to lose weight, cut down on alcohol and eat less chocolate to ourselves but when we say it out aloud and tell people about it, suddenly we are accountable for our actions. Is this why lots of people don’t make resolutions? Are they are afraid of being accountable if they fail?

Anyway one of my resolutions last year was to continue reading books. To be honest, I didn’t really get very far with it and all I actually read was the rest of the Harry Potter series and a few sample texts here and there. I am a Harry Potter fan (can you tell? lol) and I’m glad I re-read them as it has been a fair few years since I last did. However, I’m fully aware that I now need to branch out and read some new books.

Books I have read in 2016:
1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
2. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
3. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
5. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

So I guess I averaged about one book every two months which isn’t that great to be honest, considering I read ten books last year. I don’t think I’ve failed in my resolution but I didn’t read as much as I could have done. Although these were all fairly chunky books and there is only so many hours a day I am commuting on a train. Perhaps thats the key to me reading more – that I need to read as a hobby and not just a way to pass time while commuting. See? thats the beauty of setting resolutions. You can see how you kept them, how you didn’t keep them and now I’m holding myself accountable and finding a way to fix it. 🙂

I’m going to set myself five intentions for next year and in 365 days I’ll review this post and see where I end up.

1. Start a Fitness Regime and STICK TO IT.
I have wanted to feel fit for ages. Months, years, whatever the time scale is, I’ve felt it for a long time. I started exercising several times and then for a multitude of reasons I stop and as the saying goes, fallen off the bandwagon. My first workout of 2017 is going to be tomorrow. I’m just going to wake up, have a coffee and then just get stuck in. I will set myself a little schedule over the next couple of months but for now I’m going to aim to be up at 6am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and a little session on a Saturday.

2. Continue Reading Books
I’m going to aim for one per month. January’s book is Serpent’s Kiss by Melissa De La Cruz. Its the second book in the Witches of East End series. I am also going to aim to not just read on my commute but at home in the evenings or during the day at the weekend. The aim is to make reading a hobby not just a pass time.

3. Become Better at Photography
I love photography and I could spend hours browsing instagram and fashion blogs. I’m always in awe of the photograph’s on Brooklyn Blonde and I want to be in a place in a years time where I can take pictures exactly like those. With a beautiful crisp foreground and a blurry background. I can do it to some extent on my camera but it seems only to work with close up items. So the key intention here is to further master the settings on my camera and possibly invest in a new one.

4. Create and Stick to a Blogging Schedule
I realised over December that blogging has gone from something I’m just trying out to a hobby I really enjoy. I spend hours trawling the internet for new blogs that I can follow with similar interests to mine. I don’t post that often or regularly so my intention here is post content once a week rather than just when I feel like it. So hopefully by the end of the year I’ll end up with 52 posts rather than 42. So the aim here is to post regularly with a schedule in mind. Although I absolutely do not want to compromise on quality of content.

5. Overhaul My Personal Style
I’ll be honest here… I don’t like my style. I just don’t feel like it reflects me at all. I love window shopping online but when it comes to spending the cash I find I don’t really want to part with it. I’m always worried something will happen in the month where I need the money or I’d rather pay off a bit more of my credit card. I tend to only buy things when something needs replacing. When I do want to have a little spending spree I find something I love, try it on and find it just looks awful on me. Theres two key things at play here – one is my self confidence and the other is that I need to throw away a lot of my old clothes and stop being afraid of replacing them with something new. The first thing I need to do here is clear out  my wardrobe and throw away old and worn out items. I need to write a list of basics and bits that I need and go shopping and try things on.

Are you setting any new years intentions? If so, what are they? 🙂


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