Bobbi Brown Detox Mask Review

Bobbi Brown Detox Mask Review

I have been lusting after the Bobbi Brown face masks since they arrived on the website. I’ve uhmmed and ahhhed over which one would suit my skin better or whether I actually just wanted all three of them. Theres been a lot of mixing and matching face masks in the beauty world rather than just sticking to one concern and lathering it all over your face. I actually really like this approach to masks but it does make it a whole lot more expensive if you are suddenly buying three masks instead of one.

There are three masks in the range – the instant detox, radiance boost and skin nourish masks. Each one is made up of different key ingredients and they target different skin concerns. They are all priced at £33 for 75ml of product. My test tube was 3ml of product and was enough to cover my whole face with a decent layer. I think you could get two or three applications from the tester if you were only putting it on your t-zone for example. I just couldn’t resist putting it on all over, in hindsight maybe this wasn’t the best approach but c’est la vie.

My first impressions were that the colour was a cool dark grey and the consistency was thick but fluid and it came out of the tube with ease. It was the consistency I would have expected from a clay based mask. It has a slightly lemony scent which I didn’t mind at all, it makes me think about all the amazing detoxifying ingredients in the product that will be doing wonders for my skin! The scent isn’t strong and you have to be quite close to smell it at all and I didn’t notice any strong smells when I was wearing it. This mask isn’t for every day use and I’d possibly only use it at most once at week if I did buy it.

Just a note, I haven’t edited the photos below. These are straight from the camera as I wanted you guys to see the results as real as possible. Not Photoshop trickery here.

This is me before the mask. I don’t really have any major skin concerns but I have a few blackheads on my nose (who doesn’t?) but after being ill over Christmas I felt a detox would benefit my skin and hopefully make my complexion a little more radiant.

During the drying period approx 5mins so far:


After washing the dried mask off my face with warm water (I used a muslin cloth to help me), my skin instantly felt refreshed. I don’t think this is specifically unique to that mask as this effect can be achieved by any mud or clay based mask that dries on your skin and is washed off – you always feel refreshed after water is applied to the face. I did feel like my skin had a deep level cleansing though which is what the mask aims to do. From the pictures I have noticed that my skin is a little red and plumper. I’m not sure if this was because of warm water being on my face or whether its just a reaction to the mask. I do think this mask is maybe a little too strong to do more than once a week especially if like me, you are already fairly good at cleansing and regularly exfoliate. I do think the mask had a good effect on my skin.

I’ll be honest, I don’t think I would buy this. If I got it as a gift obviously I would use it. My test tube was 3ml and the full size product is 75ml which means if you used the exact same amount each time you would get roughly 25 applications at £1.32 per use. So it doesn’t seem expensive when you think of it like that. But you can get similar products for a lot cheaper. I often buy a clay face mask from a brand called Mudd in Boots for around a fiver or so and that contains 100ml of product and they estimate around 10 applications which would cost roughly 50p per use. Thats also taking into consideration that you’d cover your whole face in product and not just the t-zone or your cheeks, forehead and chin.

I would quite like to try the radiance boost and skin nourish masks to see what they would be like too.

Have you tried the Bobbi Brown face masks? What do you think?



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