Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

In the spirit of doing something a little spooky for Halloween, I decided to take inspiration from Kayla Itsine’s stuffed jack o lanterns recipe and create some stuffed jack o lanterns of my own. I mostly followed her recipe apart from adding some lean mince beef and a little hot smoked paprika to it. Sam also has a little trick of soaking the peppers for fifteen minutes in hot water as it softens them up and removes the bitter taste from the skin. He also covered them in olive oil as it stops the outside burning so much.

I was really pleased how they looked straight out the oven and they were delicious! The peppers were sweet and juicy and the rice mixture on the inside tasted so fresh and had a lovely texture. I’ve never really used pine nuts in cooking – they added a nice crunch and texture to the rice mixture. I found one was more than enough for me but Sam had one and a half. I’d definitely recommend this meal even if you aren’t cutting scary eyes and sharp teeth in the spirit of Halloween.

If you’d like me to write how I made this let me know 🙂


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