La Maison Du Rey

La Maison Du Rey

La Maison Du Rey is a beautiful villa located in south France in the Dordogne region. We arrived late on Friday 5th August after a very long day driving, starting at 11:30pm on Thursday night and arriving at the villa at around 7:00pm the following day.

I jumped out the car as soon as I could, stretched my legs and looked up at this amazing honey coloured stone house. We came in through the side door which led straight into the living room. It was open, airy and had a rustic shabby chic decor. We were all quite weary from traveling so after quickly deciding who was sleeping where, a hot meal was the top priority. Sam and his brother Dan went out in search of food, they came back with the most delicious burgers, chips and pizza I’ve ever eaten. It was exactly what we all needed after a very long journey.







The courtyard had a beautiful dark wood table with medieval style chairs. It made for a perfect setting in the evening eating dinner with the family. We all laughed and joked together, Sam and I tried to bribe our niece and nephews into eating their vegetables (money works btw, but they start charging ridiculous rates to eat more) and all that typical family dinner type stuff. I have to say, one of my absolute favourite things in the world is eating dinner with family and just talking to everyone about anything and everything.

The view at la Maison du Rey was beautiful, lusciously green and one I spent a fair amount of time just gazing out on. It was amazing to lie in the sun and just stop and listen to the sounds of the French countryside. No cars, city hum or even people to be heard. I love the convenience of hotels, but I love the exclusiveness of staying in a villa. It was exclusively ours and we could do what ever we wanted at any time. We had the whole house to ourselves.



I liked to sit on the side of the pool, dip my feet in and enjoy the smell of the lavender. The pool was heated so the water was wonderfully warm. I’m not a fan of cold water so this made it much easier for me to relax and enjoy a swim. Sam laughs at me every single time I get into a pool because there is a process. It usually starts with getting my feet used to the water and then after a few minutes I’ll walk in a little deeper – perhaps up to my knees, and it continues like that. He finds it extremely funny. I however, am just not one of those people who can jump straight in.



During the day we’d talk about the clearest blue skies and tiny wispy clouds, whilst at night we spoke about the moon and stars, the galaxies and constellations, we wondered about the bugs making that sound (they are cicadas, not crickets by the way) and generally just enjoyed a much slower pace of life. We drank red wine, cups of tea and lit candles every night. Again, it was nice to have actual conversations with family; something I think isn’t really done enough in modern day life.

I really enjoyed my two weeks stay at La Maison Du Rey and I would like to think that maybe someday I’d go back and stay again. I wonder what its like in winter with the log burner keeping you warm whilst you cosy up on the sofa with a blanket.

I’m going to be posting lots more about my French adventure over the next few weeks so please check back 🙂


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