Last weekend whilst in Kent, I visited the newly opened Canterbury branch of Neptune. I discovered Neptune on either Pinterest or Facebook about two years ago and have followed them ever since. Their style is beautiful, elegant, rustic and modern at the same time. Furniture is made using traditional carpentry techniques, blending raw materials with modern technology and designs to create truly beautiful furniture. Attention to detail and design are paramount.

I’ve always wanted to visit a store but my nearest one in Colchester, was just a little too far away for a random trip. So when I heard Neptune were opening a store in Canterbury and I was already there that weekend I thought it would be nice to finally check them out.

As soon as I walked into the store I was amazed. Everything was beautifully displayed and arranged. I absolutely love a home store but this was on another level. The layout of the store was perfect and walking around felt relaxed. It was simplistic but everywhere you looked was a feast for the eyes. Everything was in complete harmony and exceptionally well dressed. The sofas were so inviting you just had to sit on them. Drawers and cupboards beckoned to be opened. The show rooms all felt incredibly homely and more like a real home than just a showroom. There were also little nibbles on a cake stand so I couldn’t resist sampling a piece of chocolate brownie.


Sam and I absolutely fell in love with this combination of paint colours – charcoal gray and snowy white. I also love the lighting on the shelves and under the worktop. Its just adds such a nice touch and turns something from being just a shelf on a wall to highlighting it as a feature in your kitchen. Open shelves also make those every day items easy to get to and beautifully display your crockery, cookbooks and home made cookies. The light beneath the worktop is a clever addition as it illuminates the contents of each drawer as you open them, making things easier to find. A luxurious touch, but a beautiful and functional one.

IMG_5486Me admiring this clever store cupboard design. It made everything so easy to reach and see. No more pulling out what feels like a million spice jars just to see what you have at the back. When I finally own my own home I am coming here for a kitchen! Everything was just perfect. Appliances were all built in and the kitchen was designed to fit effortlessly around them. It was form, function and design all working in perfect harmony! I didn’t get any pictures of the living room, bedroom, bathroom or garden area but they were also exceptionally well designed.

IMG_5482Neptune also have an amazing range of fake flowers that look incredibly real. In fact, I only realised they weren’t real when my face was only inches away. There was every type of flora you could imagine, from spindly twigs and leafy stems to gorgeous lilies and magnolia. They also have an amazing range of earthenware pots and glass vases so you can freely design your own floral arrangements to suit your personal style and home decor. My favourite was the arrangement pictured here. A huge round vase and gorgeous stems spiraling out. I think it makes an amazing centre piece for a dining table.


Sam and I ended up buying some sample paint colours in charcoal grey and snow white as we completely fell in love with them. The grey is dark but warm and has a velvety depth whilst the white is creamy, fresh and clean looking. They just looked gorgeous paired together in the showroom. We got decided to buy both finishes – matt emuslion and eggshell. The tins were £3.50 each and we also given a sample booklet of their full paint range. I haven’t tested these on our walls yet but I know exactly which walls I want to paint! The gray is an excellent colour for a feature wall and the white is perfect to freshen up the remaining walls. As we were one of their first customers that weekend we also got a free gift!




Ooo what could be in this beautifully wrapped box?


This beautiful teapot from their Bowsley range. I don’t actually have a teapot so this was just perfect! Its also that gorgeous rustic style that I love. I can’t wait to replace my old plates, bowls and cups with items from this gorgeous range! We also had a tin of shortbread demerara biscuits, which were delicious! Thanks Neptune!




The bag also had their full directory and some gorgeous postcards. As soon as we got home I couldn’t help but devour every page of their directory. I have to say, I love everything about this company, their furniture ranges, home ware and decor. I will need to find more excuses to visit here!

Also, I’m so happy with the bags! The small grey one is a perfect lunch bag. Its lined on the inside and flat bottomed so your lunch stays flat and doesn’t spill. I’ve been looking for a lunch bag for aaaages and now I have one. Super pleased.

If you are looking for some new pieces for your home or to completely redesign your kitchen or bathroom then I suggest checking them out. Everything is can be customised in terms of design, colour and styling to suit your needs. Its also a great place if you are looking for a gift for a family member or friend.

visit to have a look 🙂


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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I simply really like this company and their store.

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