Sex and The City

Sex and The City

Are you a Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda or a Samantha?

For the last couple of weeks I have been making the most of my Sky TV subscription by watching all of the Sex and the City series on the Sky box set store. Its so easy to download episodes and you can also download the entire series in one go if you have enough space on your Sky box. You can also watch it while its downloading – no 30minute wait for it to finish. Its not the first time I have watched the series but its certainly the first time watching it for a few years. What inspired me to watch it again? Not sure to be honest.

So, which one am I? I’d like to say I’m a mixture of all for different reasons. But if I had to pick one, I’d pick Charlotte because she’s my favourite.

Charlotte and I share similar values as she places emphasis on love opposed to lust and so do I. I’m not ruling out lust completely as I firmly believe you need lust in a relationship but true love is above all other things, the most important aspect. Balance is key. Perhaps that is where our similarity ends as I am certainly not a park avenue princess or a successful art dealer. I do have a successful career as an Editor but I’m certainly not very good at fashion. Although, that is something I wish to change in the future.

Her personality is sweet and caring but she can be a little dippy at times. But she does have a certain realness about her and knows what she wants in life. She can be unpredictable and that emphasises the realness as we can all be a little unpredictable in certain situations. Do you remember the time she got her vagina painted by a famous artist? My point exactly. She also has a fierce side and will always stand by whats right.


Miranda has an amazing personality as well as being intelligent, feisty and truly fearless. I love that she’s not afraid to be herself or give her opinion. She’s a successful lawyer throughout the series and even though she becomes pregnant later on, she takes motherhood in her stride. I like that the series doesn’t hide how difficult motherhood actually is. Miranda’s an older mother and the first of her friends to fall pregnant. This causes tension with Charlotte who’s wanted a family since the beginning of the series and tension with Samantha who doesn’t want children in her life at all.

Miranda has to learn to let go of her luxury lifestyle and embrace being a mother. Its a journey we see her go through over several series. Although, it is important to remember not many working mothers have the help of a housekeeper in the form of Magda. Perhaps this was a luxury she was unwilling to let go of. Miranda can be very aloof especially if she disagrees with one of her friends. It takes her a while to come-around but she is open, honest and apologises when something is her fault. Miranda is a great friend; someone you could trust to always be there for you as well as say what you need to hear not necessarily what you want to hear.


I love Samantha. I love that she’s all out there and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. Her opinion is the only one that matters. Although she does value the opinions of her close friends. I like that she doesn’t hide anything – you know exactly where you stand with her. Her best attribute and something I believe all women should aspire to is to love yourself. Love who you are because if you don’t love yourself how can you expect anyone else to?

Samantha is all about sex, sex and more sex. She’s a carefree spirit with regards to men but is also incredibly loyal. She is always there for her friends when they are in need of her support. Perhaps even more so than they are there for her. She doesn’t agree with marriage and babies for example but she accepts that Brady is Miranda’s son and she eventually embraces it. She decides to surprise Miranda and offers to babysit Brady and gives Miranda her salon appointment as a “I’m sorry” present. Underneath all that sexual bravado she’s a really nice person.


I don’t like Carrie. I want to find nice things to say about her but I just think she is an awful, horrible person and I would never be friends with her. She’s innately selfish, incredibly immature, whiney and irresponsible. She is terrible with money, men and friendship. Do you remember the episode where she was trying to buy back her apartment from Aiden and she expected Charlotte to lend her the money? Or even when she was on holiday with Aiden and invited Big up because he was upset? What about the time she kicks Samantha out of the bath in the hotel just so she can have sex with Big? Selfish. Selfish. Selfish. I would never do any of those things to my friends. It only takes a quick google to see how many people think Carrie Bradshaw is an arsehole and I agree with all of them. She is a awful person who just expects people to love her wherever she goes and whatever she does.

The only thing I have in common with Carrie is that like her, I was always looking for love, that crazy can’t live without you kind.


Sex and the City is essentially a love story. Its about loving yourself, who you are and finding a relationship where your partner loves the you that you love too. Each character ends up happy in their own way. Carrie gets her Mr Big, Charlotte gets her happy family, Miranda finds her one true love and Samantha finds someone who loves sex just as much as she does. People have different types of relationships and place different importance on things. Some people love the chase where as other people just want to find their soulmate.


The series also covers some pretty serious life issues including Cancer, impotence, babies and even dementure. Samantha gets breast cancer and not only has to go through surgery but through chemotherapy, losing her hair and her most valuable asset – her sex drive. I love Samantha’s tenacity in the situation. She is open and honest about her illness and the effects its having on her. But thats just Samantha all over. If she’s pissed off she will say she’s pissed off. The series doesn’t delve too much into the emotions as say compared to something like the film Miss You Already does. But at least they talk about it and deal with some of the issues surrounding it. Miranda struggles with baby Brady and Steve’s mum suffering dementure, Charlotte struggles with Trey’s impotence and Carrie; well I don’t think Carrie struggles with anything that she hasn’t been the cause of.

Fashion wise, Sex and the City was famous. Big labels, designers and celebrity cameos. But that kinda fashion hasn’t ever been my thing. I like heels but I can’t walk around wearing them all day – I’d rather not be in pain thank you very much. And as for walking around in a tutu, honestly? I would just feel ridiculous. Give me skinny jeans, boots and a white vest any day. Perhaps, the whole point is though wear whatever you want and feel good in it.

With regards to life, Sex and the City is incredibly unrealistic. All of the girls have great careers, men, property and enough money to basically do whatever they want. Constant holidays, trips away, drinking expensive cocktails in the coolest bars, eating in newly opened restaurants with waiting lists. It an aspirational life. But its not realistic. It makes that kind of life look easy to attain. But I never watched it wanting to be those girls at all, nor do I envy them. Their lives were always extreme; a true work hard play hard that is not achievable without consequences. I prefer a slower pace of life. One filled with friends, family and love.

Overall, its an alright to watch but there is far better TV out there!

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