Film Premiere | Warcraft

Film Premiere | Warcraft

Last night, Sam got us tickets to the Warcraft premiere at the BFI Imax in Waterloo. I didn’t grow up playing the warcraft games but I love a fantasy story so this film was right up my street. Sam came to meet me after work and we jumped on the Piccadilly line and headed to Waterloo. This is the second film premiere I have been to and I didn’t feel as out of place at this one. There was a little red carpet but no crazy paparazzi snapping away. We just headed straight in and decided to sit down while we waited for the film to start. One of the things I like about premiere screenings is that there are no adverts. The director introduces the film, tells you a little about it and then the screening starts.

Another thing about premieres is that you don’t have to worry about food or drink – we had a packet of salt and sweet popcorn each and a bottle of water as well as our 3D glasses. Of course, you could buy extra food if you wanted to. I shouldn’t generalise as I don’t know if all premieres are like this as I have only been to 2. We were all set and ready for the film to start. Its quite nice sitting down before the mad rush as you get to people watch and chat a little.

I really enjoyed the film and would definitely watch it again as well as any sequels that are made. The story was good, engaging and it flowed nicely. There wasn’t any gaps or holes and the editing was spot on. The screening was in 3D which was alright but I think I would have preferred 2D. I’m not against 3D but unless you are sat right in the middle I don’t think it works as well as it should. We weren’t right at the side but we were towards the left side of the cinema so some of the shots became a little fuzzy and my eyes found it hard to focus. I had to remove my glasses a couple of times throughout the screening just to refocus.

It was well acted – the cast included Dominic Cooper and Travis Fimmel of Vikings (Ragnor Lothbrok). I didn’t actually recognise him at first – Sam pointed it out to me. I think thats always a good thing as I hate watching stuff where the actor just plays the same character in every single film – a bit like Jennifer Aniston although I quite like her. I’m thinking more Adam Sandler, I like him too, but he’s basically the same person in every film right? Anyway, back to Warcraft!

The shots in the film were quite ‘game like’ as in there was loads of crazy long zooms, which took you from a distance right into the heart of action. The sense of scale was amazing, the detail in the graphics was amazing. It was so good to watch. Some parts reminded me of cut scenes in a game but again, I liked this as it paid homage to Warcraft’s origins. For me, thats such an important thing.

From a technical perspective, the CGI was phenomenal. There was never one point where I thought anything looked computer generated. It all felt very real and the textures on the characters and backgrounds was amazing. Its so crazy how far CGI graphics have come in films – from the days of Toy Story (absolute classic!) to the realism of Avatar. Its just crazy. I love it! One of my favourite bits was the magic in the film, all those amazing light swirls and lightning bolts! It must have been so fun to work in the animation department on this.


After the film there was a round of applause and the Director and a few of the actors did a Q&A. Sorry for the appalling picture quality – I was completely zoomed in on my iPhone. Thats Travis Kimmel in the middle – All I could think when looking at him was RAGNOR LOTHBROK! If you haven’t seen the Vikings TV series I recommend it. It was nice to hear what the actors thought of the film, about their favourite bits and whether they would like to make a sequel.

It was a lovely evening and I recommend watching the film. Although if you aren’t into fantasy you may not like it.

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