Lucifer Series 1

Lucifer Series 1

Lucifer! Oh My! I haven’t loved a series for a long time and I’ve enjoyed watching every episode of this series. Spoiler warning, I’ll try not to give too much away but there may be content you don’t want to read if you haven’t watched it already. ūüėČ You have been warned!

Lucifer, The Pilot Episode:

Five years ago, the Lord of Hell decided to abdicate his throne and set up a new life in Los Angeles where he owns a nightclub called Lux. He has absolutely no intention of returning to Hell and is enjoying his time in LA. His life turns upside down when an acquaintance is murdered outside his nightclub. Luci, as he is affectionately known, is questioned by the LAPD where he meets Detective Chloe Decker. Together they build the jigsaw and catch the culprit.

The Set Up:

The rest of the series follows a case by case¬†format, he decides to continue helping the LAPD. Firstly, for his own selfish reasons, secondly he’s bored and likes the excitement and thirdly he’s attracted to Chloe and she is immune to his “charms”. Lucifer has never met a human he couldn’t affect so Chloe’s immunity is new and exciting to him and he wants to explore it.¬†His closest ally and demon Mazikeen (Maze) isn’t very happy and doesn’t like this new path Lucifer is going down. The plot thickens.

LUCIFER: Tom Ellis and Lauren German in the “Manly Whatnots” episode of LUCIFER ¬©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Michael Courtney/FOX

What I Love:

Lucifer as a series doesn’t take itself too seriously. Its a police procedural with a side of comedy and drama. It’s loosely based on a comic book series but its not completely unrealistic. Its not set in any alternate superhero universe; its simply set in Los Angeles, modern day America. I like the realism and this makes it much easier for me to relate to. Any ‘superhero’ style feats of strength (he is an angel after all) are done well and they aren’t over the top. Sure, he possesses super human strength and we witness this on several occasions but this is just rationalised as him being very strong. I think kind of the same way we rationalise stuff in real life, that the human characters rationalise his strength.

Lucifer’s Character:

Lucifer as a character is charming, alluring, very well spoken and of course, British! You can’t help but like him.¬†I love his witty one-liners – “oh speak of the me” and I love his way of thinking about situations. He’s selfish, extremely arrogant and highly sexed. He lusts for nothing and no one. He’s very much the alpha male who can have whatever¬†and whomever he wants.

He talks a therapist, Dr Linda, into helping him try figure out what Chloe is all about and trades these sessions for sex. His relationship with Dr Linda quickly becomes platonic, she decides to actually try to help him. She introduces new concepts to Lucifer such as friendship, loyalty, intimacy and love. All things completely normal to a human life but they are situations and emotions that he has never been in or really felt before.

Lucifer Reacts To Chloe Touching His Wing Scars

Questioning Morality:

Morality is constantly questioned. Lucifer as the Lord of Hell is supposed to symbolise all evil, yet he doesn’t kill people he simply punishes them. Is he really all that bad? It wasn’t a job he chose as we keep being told that he was forced by God to take up the throne of hell.

Amenadiel on the other hand, being an Angel and creation of God is supposed to symbolise all that is good and true about Christianity and God. Yet,¬†he continually lies and schemes to get his own way. He wants Lucifer to go back to hell. He even uses Maze to get Lucifer to do what he wants. Is using someone evil? The answer again is no but its certainly not very nice. Amenadiel isn’t a character I liked because I thought he was horrible to begin with. He redeems himself in the series finale though and sees the error of his ways. It seems that the human world is having an affect on him too. It was making him selfish, thoughtless and arrogant.¬†

Good vs Evil:

Who exactly is the baddie? The lines are very much blurred. I like a series that makes me think about situations and aspects of life. This one certainly makes me question morality. I even found myself feeling sorry for Maze when she reveals that Luci and Amenadiel both used her to get at each other. They let their rivalry abuse friendship. It is never ok to use someone to get someone else to do what you want. 


The first thing to always remember about this series is not to take it seriously. Its supposed to be a comedy and it is fairly light hearted. I have really enjoyed watching it. I loved the final episode too! What a cliff hanger!

Lucifer has been renewed for a second series and I look forward to watching it!

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