The Glamour Beauty Festival

The Glamour Beauty Festival

Yesterday Harriet and I attended the Glamour Beauty Festival at Sloane Square’s Saatchi Gallery. We met around 9:30am and headed straight for cafe concerto for a much needed coffee. Neither of us had eaten breakfast so nourishment was the second thing we needed before venturing to the Saatchi Gallery. After a quick browse of the menu I chose poached eggs on a english muffin with smoked salmon and some hollandaise sauce. Yummy. Poached eggs are such a delicious breakfast treat. After we had eaten, we headed to the Saatchi Gallery for our morning of girlie fun.

Firstly, the event was pretty cool. It was a little difficult to work out where everything was as everything was spread over several floors and rooms, perhaps it would have been better if it were all on one level and there was a clear route round. We were ushered straight to make up next door as the ‘hair’ department was apparently a little full. The make up room featured Benefit, Nars, Illamasqua and Laura Mercier. Benefit were on brows, Nars on contouring, Illamasqua on statement eyes and Laura Mercier on foundation. We made a bee-line for a personalised contouring session with Nars’ make up artists.

The make up artist showed me how to create an easy day look with a Nars style glow. She applied the multiple cheek stick in orgasm to the tops of my cheekbones which gave me such a lovely colour. It was so beautiful and natural looking, sort of enhancing rather than covering up. It was wonderfully creamy yet sheer enough to still see my skin underneath. She applied it with her fingers in a dabbing motion. I don’t really use my fingers when applying make up but I think I need to start experimenting with some hand applied techniques.

She then used Nars’ famous Laguna bronzer to create a sun kissed glow along my jaw, cheekbones and temples. She did this using the ‘3’ technique which I’ll definitely be adopting into my make up routine. I’ve always done a sweep down under the cheekbones to apply my bronzer but the ‘3’ is gives a much more natural look. You start at the forehead, blend into the cheekbones and then sweep down to finish at the jaw. A ‘3’ on each side of the face.

She then applied a little powder blush to the apples of my cheeks and along my cheekbones to add a little dimension and bring some light to the look. She also gave me another make up artist tip which is always blend upwards, never down. Seeing the difference this tiny little way of applying blusher and bronzer was amazing, I felt like I had a new face. Although, just a note, she used the Nars ‘Yachiyo’ kabuki brush and unless you have a brush of a similar shape then this technique won’t work as it should. It heavily relies on the tapered bristles to softly blend. A traditional flattened blush brush will create a rounded ‘blob’ rather than a softly blended contour. The yachiyo brush is on my make up wish list.

NARS contouring and blush masterclass

After this Harriet and I wandered to the skin care section and had a peek at the fragrance area too. Skin care was headed up by Liz Earle – a brand we both love but we didn’t want to ruin our perfectly contoured Nars cheeks. So we skipped it, although we both though that next year we’d do things a little differently – skincare first and make up afterwards. Also at the skin care section were Garnier and Elizabeth Arden.

We walked past the goody bag area and saw that there wasn’t a queue so this was a perfect time to nab our goodies. Oh my god. The goody bag is amazing, so many products to try – both full size and sample size and a perfect mix of beauty and make up brands. My favourite product in the bag is the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour hand cream; what an absolute treat for hands! I’ve had it on my desk at work, my handbag and even next to me at home on the sofa with a cuppa. Its utterly scrumptious, has a wonderful consistency and really soaks into your skin leaving a protective, non greasy layer to lock moisture in.

We wandered into the nails section and made another bee line to Rimmel to test out their new super gel polish. We queued for a little while till a nail technician became free. The lady who did my nails seemed nice but I was absolutely not impressed with her technique. It was sloppy, thickly applied and she was slow – Harriet who had sat down after me had finished whilst my top coat was still being applied. She made frequent mistakes such as getting the polish on my skin and painting over my cuticles which she cleaned up with nail polish remover on a stick but again, didn’t do a very good job of it. The super gel top coat was also marketed to be ‘completely dry’ within 10minutes. I have to say, this is utter nonsense. Mine wasn’t properly dry for a full hour although I do put this mostly at fault with the thick, heavy application.

badly done nails at rimmel

We were close to the Chandon bar so decided to take some time out whilst our nails dried. Harriet’s manicure was perfect the application and colour were spot on, whilst we agreed mine looked awful. The colour wasn’t layered correctly, it was painted over my cuticles in some areas and didn’t follow the natural shape of my nails. I honestly feel like I could have applied it better myself and I’m not a beautician! We had our free glass of champagne and had a little catch up about life (mostly work). It was nice to put our bags down and just chill out, cool down away from the crowds for a little while.

It was onto the hair section next, for a runway style to finish up our morning. There was a bit of a queue but we were handed quite a few Redken products to pass the time and get to have a sneak peak at everyone’s hair styles. I’m usually super boring with my hair style, preferring to adopt a tried and tested style day in and day out. I seriously need to switch up my ways in the future. I opted for a lovely twisted braid tied at the back and then the rest of my tresses were curled and left loose. I felt like maid Marion from the robin hood story, all that I needed was an archer’s bow and a boho style medieval dress.

The stylist was fast and showed me exactly how easy it was to put the look together. It was just a couple of bobby pins, an elastic band, some root lift spray and a quick curing session with the new GHD tongs. I think this would be a perfect look for summer, on a day when you can’t be bothered to wash your hair and its particularly balmy outside. Not sure about you, but when its especially humid outside I like my hair to be out of my face. My hair looks super long in this picture!

my hair styled by redkenAfter getting our hair done we had a little wander round and then decided to leave and see some of the outside world. I’d never actually been around Sloane Square during the day so it was nice to see a bit of the area. We browsed a couple of shops, I fell in love with sooo many things in Anthropologie. The quartz rock drawer handles, blood orange and limoncello scented candles (omg, so lush), cute porcelain measuring cups and the most gorgeous and softest pyjamas. Anthropologie is one of those shops where you want sooo many things in there but its soooo expensive. There was no way I was parting with £28 for a scented candle even if it did smell divine.

We had another coffee at this little boutique place – can’t remember the name but I had a sort of hot chocolate with espresso but it wasn’t a mocha! Harriet had this amazing Amaretto liqueur coffee which I had a little taster of, but as I had to drive back home from the station I didn’t want to overload my system.

Overall, it was a lovely day out, not sure that I would go again – it would depend on what was in the goody bag and if the venue was different. Perhaps a large exhibition hall would have been a better venue rather than a few floors in an art gallery. The goody bag was impressive as it had a great variety of full size and deluxe sample sized products and it was nice to have a couple of treatments and get some testers for new beauty products on the market.


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