Brie, Grapes and Seeded Crackers, Drizzled with Honey

Brie, Grapes and Seeded Crackers, Drizzled with Honey

I can’t really claim this as a true ‘recipe’ and certainly not one that I invented. I would call it a wonderfully put together snack. Easily customisable and great for those occasions where only cheese will do – pre dinner canapés for your guests or a delicious after dinner snack for one whilst watching Reign on Netflix. Creamy brie, sweet succulent honey, fruity flavour of the grapes and the salty savoury crunch of the crackers. Every inch an tastebud tickler and craving smasher.

Red Grapes
Honey to drizzle


This is so simple and can be put together within minutes with minimal mess. Crackers on plate, slice your brie with a cheese knife and place on top of the crackers. I had roughly two chunks of brie per cracker but put as much or as little brie as you like. I sliced my grapes in half so they would be a little easier to eat and placed them gently on top of the brie. Make sure you are happy with the brie to grape ratio and then drizzle honey over the top – again you can use as much or as little honey as you like. Personally, I don’t scrimp on the honey. Enough, and then a touch more for me.

It makes for a delicious combination. Everyone knows Brie and grapes are a match made in heaven but the honey adds a touch of decadence. It makes for the ultimate combination and is incredibly mouthwatering. The thing I love most about this is that I may eat something like this once or twice a year. It’s a super rare treat.

Did I mention this took me less than five minutes to prepare?




Perfect whilst one is imagining what sixteenth century French court was really like! Do you think they ate brie?


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