The Holy Grail of Cleansers

The Holy Grail of Cleansers

This product is nothing short of absolutely amazing. Its creamy, luscious, natural and so gentle at the same time. I’ve been using this every day, twice a day for nearly two years now. And I wouldn’t wash my face without it ever again. I’ve tried hundreds of face cleansers over the years but never has a product made it onto my ‘can’t live without’ list. Its won multiple awards, has over 2600 reviews on the UK Liz Earle website and 2500 of those reviews are five stars!

Let me tell you the story of how I discovered this cult cleanser. It was a gift from my friend Harriet – she’d discovered it after being given it as a gift too. The hot polish cleanser starter kit is a perfect present for a friend and a steal at only £15! A little bit of luxury for not too much money. I was excited to test it as soon as I got home.

This is hands down, the best cleanser I have ever used. I love love love it. The first thing I text Harriet was “OMG this is amazing”. It’s wonderfully gentle yet has no trouble dissolving grime. My skin after using this product is beautifully soft, exfoliated but never red raw. Even using it twice a day (morning and night) my skin feels incredibly healthy, which makes me feel happy. It feels so good for your skin. It’s just so silky soft.

At first, I felt a little weird using it as it is thick, creamy and you gently rub it into your skin dry where as most cleansers require your face to be damp before application. The circular fingertip massage helps the product break down the make up and grime from your skin whilst giving you an added circulation boost at the same time. I even found that rubbing this product right into my eyes is fine – no pain at all. My eyes don’t sting and I can get most of mascara off first time. I kinda look like a panda by this stage.

After this you run your hot tap (not too hot as you don’t want to burn your skin) and then rinse the muslin cloth under it. I like to wring it a bit so its damp rather than sopping wet. Then you use this to buff the cream off your face. Its gently exfoliating and feels so refreshing. The heat is simply luxurious and I feel like I’m having an expensive facial every time I use this. I feel so clean, refreshed and happy when I use this.

The only downside is washing your cloths. The starter kit comes with two and depending on how much washing you do per week it is kinda easy to run out. Luckily the cloths are quite cheap and sometimes they have been given to me for free when re-purchasing the product. I wouldn’t want the prospect of lots of washing put you off though – just wash them in your normal white wash, then tumble dry or air dry if you prefer. I tumble dry mine and they are a little wrinkled but perfectly fine to use.

I cannot recommend this cleanser enough. If you are looking for a new cleanser and not sure what to buy then swing by a Liz Earle counter in Boots and ask for a sample. You won’t regret it.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I just really like this cleanser.

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