My First Digital Selfie

My First Digital Selfie

Selfie was the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2013. This selfie was taken by me on my first digital camera in 2002. Check me out being years ahead of the latest trends. lol. I have always loved photography although I’ve never gone past being an amateur. I’m hoping in 2016 I can change this and focus more on composition and understanding the mechanics in a camera and push my skills to a more intermediate level.

I personally love a selfie. They are such an expression of personality, a moment in time – whoever we wanted to be at that time. I think they say a lot about a person’s personality. It’s who we choose to project to the world, baring our souls or hiding away. Simply, they are a way of recording what we were doing. I love them. I love looking at a photograph and remembering that exact moment.

This year I’m going to make an effort to take more pictures; not just selfies.

What was your first selfie? Do you still have it?




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