Tempur and Therapur

Tempur and Therapur

Hello new mattress, I have been waiting patiently for your arrival. Meet my new therapur from Dreams! I’ve spent the day airing it out, washing and ironing my favourite bedding and sneaking a quick lay down on my bed at every opportunity. Purely just taking in the comfort and thinking about how much better my sleep would be. I’m absolutely amazed at how comfy and soft it is. It feels like I am laying on a cloud. Its like all the stress held in my muscles and joints just melts away.

The therapur is a combination of springs and memory foam so its like the best of both worlds. It was expensive and this was a luxury purchase for me and Sam, it was the January sale so it was much cheaper than normal (bargain!). It’s also incredibly comfy and supportive. I’m not really sure about ‘medium or firm’ but this feels good to lay on. You kind of mould rather than sink which I liked and its not ‘squidgy’ with padding if you know what I mean.

I’m not really a ‘primark’ shopper; in that I would rather spend a bit more money on something that I know will last me a few years rather than a cheap item which falls apart after a few washes. My experience of primark products is not good – everything I’ve owned from there has either fallen apart or just feels so nasty and cheap. My thoughts when purchasing a mattress were the same – I’d rather spend a bit more money and have something that will last and ultimately give me a better nights sleep.

Charlotte at the Dreams Romford store was extremely helpful and explained the different types of mattresses to me but was never over bearing or too pushy. I didn’t feel pressured to buy anything. She was happy to let us lay down on the mattresses and ask any questions that we needed to. After a bit of umming, ahhing and comparing, we chose the therapur.

It arrived two weeks later in plastic covering which was easy to remove with a pair of scissors and due to the double handles at each side it was easy for me to manoeuvre onto the bed. I had my window slightly open so there was fresh air in the bedroom and I left it airing for about eight hours before I put the mattress protector and sheets on. I’ve read a lot of reviews on many different types of mattresses and a lot of people complained about a ‘chemical’ smell with the memory foam ones. I didn’t notice any horrible smells with this – it didn’t really smell of anything in particular.


I’ve slept on it one night so far and I slept pretty well as far as sleep goes. I did get a bit warm in the night but that was resolved by kicking the duvet off a little and sticking my foot out for some cooler air. My back was a little stiff this morning but I am sure thats just my body adjusting and my muscles unlearning previous sleep habits. I think it will take a couple of nights for me to feel perfect – I will keep you updated!

Speaking of luxury purchases, Sam and I recently got some new pillows – the tempur cloud. Oh. My. God. They are lush! Sooo incredibly comfy and soft. I have always been a feather pillow person but after this transition I don’t think I could go back. Its an experience like no other! I’ll be honest here, it did take me a couple of days to adjust but once you are past this, its absolute bliss. I feel like my head is at the correct height when I curl up to sleep on my side. My permanently knotted right shoulder muscle has also felt much looser.

The pillow comes with its own protective case too – the actual memory foam pillow is inside. Its actually also one of most fullest pillows I’ve ever come across – it fills the pillowcase without any loose gaps. And being memory foam it keeps its shape. No more squashed, flat, lumpy pillows for me. I do make a bit of effort in the morning by kind gently kneading it to get some air circulating though. Not sure if you are supposed to do that though but I find it helps the shape spring back.

IMG_4076The only negative point I have is that you can see these little circles when you put your pillowcase on. This doesn’t bother me too much but I’m sure it would annoy some people. I guess if you had an extra layer (another padded pillow protector case) that would help but I haven’t tested this. The bumps are super soft and don’t bother me when I am using the pillow – I don’t even notice them. I think they are just there for a bit of squishy cloud comfort.

Sleep is so important to me if I don’t have at least 6 hours I am grumpy, tired and end up being hungrier than normal. I prefer 7-8 hours solid sleep and this is when I function and feel at my absolute best. I’ve wanted to invest in a new mattress and pillows for ages – cost was a huge factor in my decision. If price is a big aspect for you then I’d recommend looking during sale time – you can save huge amounts. Other than that – read reviews and go and lay on a few with your partner and compare thoughts.

A good decent mattress and pillow is an important investment and one that is worth considering. It is a huge amount of money but you can’t put a price on good night’s sleep.



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