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I decided at the start of this year that I needed some new make up – specifically a new foundation. I had been using Perfecting Liquid Foundation by Arbonne but it didn’t have that breathable, dewy finish that I was craving. Instead it was powdery, cakey and left me feeling like I had a mask on. So I decided to go back to MAC after a few years away trying out Nars and Bobbi Brown foundations. I’ve always loved MAC make up and even though I’ve strayed in the foundation and primer department I’m finding that MAC just suits my skin. To be honest, I don’t really know why I strayed in the first place.

After some research and I’d settled on the new MAC foundation – Studio Waterweight. Its so so so so good and exactly the type of foundation I’ve been searching for. Its light, breathable and has a flawless dewy finish. I went to the MAC store on Carnaby Street and one of the artists checked my colour and then I asked her about a couple of other products I’d wanted to purchase – a new primer, brush cleaner, DIVA lipstick and Prep + Prime transparent finishing powder.

I’ve been through so many primers – my last purchase was the Smashbox Photo Finish primer which so many people have raved about (which is why I brought it in the first place) but to be honest, I don’t think its that good. Its very matte, plasticky and it doesn’t last as long as everyone says – I’d find my make up greasy and slipping all over my face within hours of application. It also made my skin feel again like I had a plastic silica mask on.

The lady recommended the Prep + Prime natural radiance primer as it was less glittery than the normal prep + prime primer. I got the colour ‘Radiant Pink’ and I have to say it is lovely. Its silky and melts into the skin like a dream. I find 1-2 pumps is more than enough! 1 pump if I have moisturised and 2 pumps if not. It doesn’t affect my skin in anyway and it really holds the make up for hours and hours. I find my face still looks pretty perfect 8 hours later.

I went over to the counter to pay and was a little surprised when I heard the lady say “that’s £41.50 please” I put my card in the card machine and then picked up my bag and walked out the shop. It was only a little while later when I looked at my receipt that I realised she’d only charged me for two items. I felt like it was my lucky day! I decided to buy a lottery ticket to see if my luck was on a winning streak. (I have not won yet haha, but the hope is still there).

As soon as I got home I wanted to clean my make up brushes. To be honest I hadn’t cleaned them in ages and they were absolutely disgusting. MAC brush cleanser is amazing – it just melts the make up away from the fibres without leaving residue on the bristles. I use warm water to rinse them after that and a little more cleanser if there is still product on the fibres. They feel practically brand new again. So soft, fluffy and smooth. Putting on my make up in the morning is like a dream with beautifully clean brushes. I need to make sure I do it more often. Little and often rather than a heavy paint stripping session is the idea for the future.


clean brushes

For me, clean brushes makes make up application fun. I love blending four or five different eye shadows from my Naked 3 palette and creating a really soft gorgeous rose gold smokey eye! Bliss. I’ve got quite a random collection some are MAC, Bobbi Brown, Space NK and Sephora. I wish we had Sephora in the UK they have the BEST brushes I have ever used. I’ve only had two of them but next time I go to America I will definitely be purchasing more.

wish listMy wish list!

Has anyone tried the Charlotte Tilbury magic cream? Is it good?



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