The Age of Adaline

The Age of Adaline

As soon as I saw the trailer for this film I knew I had to watch it. I was captivated by the beautiful cinematography and the concept of the story intrigued me. The film is centred on a young woman called Adaline Bowman who at the age of 29 is involved in a fatal car accident. By a stroke of luck she survives but with one twist, she is no longer affected by time. We quickly discover that Adaline’s life is anything but normal from that point onwards. We find out about Adaline’s condition because we see her looking through her old photographs and film reels at the start of the film. It’s a lovely way to explain things without being too distracting from the main part of the film.

One thing that I truly love about this film is Blake Lively’s acting. No longer is she the ‘Serena Van-Der-Woodsen’ of Gossip Girl but a grown up, wise and intelligent woman. Her acting makes this film if you ask me. Her character has lived through many eras but she retains the morals and values she grew up with in her early life. Her character is extremely polite, elegant and modest. I love that her olden ways are carried through to the modern era. This makes her very enigmatic, she’s unusual and people are drawn to her despite her pushing them away.

The film is also beautifully edited. Every scene feels right and the film flows smoothly. Nothing feels too long or short which is always important for me. I love the depth of field in each shot, the focus is on the characters and what they’re doing. The backgrounds simply melt away into a softness which creates a sense of magic. Magic is important in this film because without magic we can’t believe her siuation. Also, reflecting on what the film is actually about is that time without love is just an existence and love without time is extremely sad. Love in itself is pure magic.

I think this film is worth a watch. Its not a romantic comedy or a soppy gushy love film its just a very beautiful story about living life and how falling in love is one of the best parts of it.



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