Five Years

Five Years

Five years ago I went on my first date with this man. Five years forward and he’s my everything. My confidante, my best friend and my partner in crime. He makes me cry and laugh with happiness at the same time. Infact we were just sat here on the sofa drinking a lovely glass of le petit chat malin 2013, I grabbed his head and said how lovely everything was and he grabbed my head at the exact same time and said how much it resembles a peanut. Queue my crying with laughter. This is exactly how our relationship is.

Today has been my idea of perfection. I woke up around 9am feeling a little groggy. Sam was already awake and watching TV (Saturday morning kitchen) I put the kettle on and made Sam a cappuccino sized sweet coffee and me a steaming mug of english breakfast tea. It was raining and grey outside. My kind of weather. I love the rain, seriously, its incredibly calming and refreshing at the same time. I feel like the rain resets the world. It washes away all thats gone wrong and makes way for new feelings, new options and gives us a touch of perspective.

Sam had also cleaned the flat (thanks Sam!) so it was just a case of relaxing, watching James Martin on Saturday Kitchen and sipping my tea. Bliss. Sam took care of breakfast. I had perfectly poached eggs, crispy buttered toast, a side of maple drizzled bacon and another glorious mug of english breakfast tea. My idea of breakfast morning heaven. Delicious. We got dressed and headed to our local farm shop at Calcott hall.


Did I say I love farm shops? I LOVE farm shops. This is what food shopping should be. Organic and seasonal. Everything is fresh and local to the Essex countryside. I adore the scent inside; it’s earthy, slightly damp but incredibly fresh. We brought a bag of onions (yes, that is £1.40 for 4kg of white onions!), some fresh herbs, garlic, stewing steak, a marrow bone and some chocolate tiffin. It was still wet and rainy and a touch on the chilly side. I was glad to have my coat and equally glad to feel a few refreshing raindrops on my skin. We loaded up the car and drove back home.

My afternoon was spent supping wine and just relaxing. Sam started cooking dinner (beef bourguignon!) and I prepared my first ever marrow bone stock and spent the next few hours doing some online christmas shopping and adding things to my christmas board on pinterest. Lana Del Rey was playing on Sam’s iPod so we ended up dancing around the flat and making each other laugh.


Dinner was ready after about five hours slow cooking in the oven. The scent of beef bourguignon was mouthwatering and I absolutely couldn’t wait to eat it. There is nothing more perfect on a wet and rainy day than an hearty warming meal. We ate this with some buttered bread. It was incredible. Sam is very talented with cookery and this sort of thing comes to him with absolute ease.


The remainder of the evening was spent watching episode 4 of The Last Kingdom, sharing a tub of ice cream (strawberries and cream flavour from Calcott Hall) and cuddling up on the sofa. It was my idea of five year celebration bliss. Spending an evening with the person I love the most and just being incredibly happy in each others company.

Sam, I know its only been five years, but I’ve learnt an incredible amount because of you and I’m so happy. I love you and our life. I can’t wait to see where we are in another five years time. I will make sure I come back to this post that is for sure!



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