Super Moon

Super Moon

I’ve always thought of the moon as beautiful. It is something I actively seek to see when I’m outside at night.┬áIt’s slowly becoming an obsession. I’ve even thought about buying a lunar calendar next year so I can track the phases of the moon.

I leapt at the chance of seeing the ‘Super Moon’ on Sunday night. I stood out on my balcony and looked up and there it was glowing away. It was mesmerising. I couldn’t ┬áresist grabbing my camera and snapping a few pics. I’m very much an amateur photographer although I have been taking digital photographs for around fifteen years. I think I did a pretty good good job on my moon picture considering it was handheld and on the border for the furthest my optical zoom would go.

I took a whole bunch but this is one of my favourites. It has a sense of majesty and captures that ethereal serenity the moon exudes. I’m planning on getting one of these pictures printed properly on metallic photo paper.

I did intend to get up much later that night and take pictures of the Blood Moon but I was too comfy in my bed!



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