Brentwood Town

Brentwood Town

On Sunday I took a trip into Brentwood town with my lovely boyfriend. It was mostly just to get out of the flat and get some fresh air. I did have the intention of buying myself a little treat! Naughty, I know!

For those of you who have never been to Brentwood; it has a really beautiful high street. Just the right mix of shops, boutiques and scenery. One of the things I love the most is the old chapel ruins right in the centre dating back to 1221.  I love that the history of the town is evident and right there for you to see.

We parked the car and walked to Computer Exchange (CeX) so that Sam could trade in some of his Blu-Rays. Then we went to one of my favourite shops called Tides and had a browse. I kept thinking about my little treat budget but nothing really caught my eye or jumped out at me. Apart from a gorgeous grey velvet sofa but that was way out of my price range. I don’t know about you but when I am in a furniture store and I’m presented with a gorgeous sofa; I feel compelled to sit on it. We chatted about how snuggly and perfect it was. Hopefully it will be a future purchase hehe.

We walked down to Rossi’s (Sam wanted a milkshake) and what a better place to get one than an ice cream parlour. I had a real craving for a peanut butter flavoured something but unfortunately for me they did not have any and kinder bueno was not going to cut it. My craving is still unfulfilled.. I might have to treat myself to one from Five Guys later in the week.

Another great thing about Brentwood high street is that there are quite a few benches around which means you can just sit and enjoy the scenery and take in the fresh air. After this, we walked into Marks & Spencer as I needed to get a few fridge items such as milk and butter.

I was still treatless and then walked past Fat Face and decided to have a look. Generally I think going in this shop is dangerous as I always end up finding an item of clothing that I fall in love with. Everything is just so soft, textured and velvety to the touch. Sam pointed out the sock bins and immediately showed me the little fox print ones (he knows how much I love foxes) low and behold there was my little treat!

They had a 3 for £12 offer so I picked out these three. Little foxes, reindeer and sparkly stars. I’m wearing the starry ones as I’m typing this up now hehe. You can never have too many socks if you ask me!

Anyway I’m new to all this blogging stuff so you’ll have to bear with me whilst I get my bearings.

Night all



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